Nikki and the Robots
Story Episodes Operating sytem icons: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows

Pay what you want to get the awesome Story Episode for our cute platformer Nikki and the Robots.

Huzzah! Available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

The Game

Nikki and the Robots is a 2D platformer game with a cute protagonist, various robots and diverse levels. It combines modern gameplay — including simulated physics and wall-jumping — with our innovative überpixel™ retro style.

The game is available with simpler graphics and user created levels for free on our download page. It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows and should run on modern hardware with a working OpenGL driver. If you are unsure about the system requirements, please give the free version a try.

The Story Episode unleashes the full potential of Nikki and the Robots. Nikki faces larger, more detailed levels with new, beautiful graphics, wonderful music by cerror and lovable characters in a plot-driven game setting.

The Deal

You pay what you want to instantly receive the awesome first Story Episode of Nikki and the Robots, DRM-free.

The Joyride Laboratories stopped working on Nikki and the Robots so please don't expect any further development on the game or on this or further Story Episodes. For more information on this please see this blog post.

Nikki and the Robots runs on Linux, Mac and Windows
Pay what you want
You set the price to support us!
Open development
The source code is open to community development
DRM free
Nikki and the Robots does not have annoying copy protection

How much are Nikki and the Robots Story Episodes worth to people? Let's take a look:

Absolute Payments
Pie chart of absolute payments by platform
Color Label ImageLinux €2673.50
Color Label ImageMac €787.29
Color Label ImageWindows €1223.46
Total €4848.24
Average Payments
Bar chart of average payments by platform
Color Label ImageLinux €6.17
Color Label ImageMac €5.32
Color Label ImageWindows €3.01
Total €4.73
Top Contributors
2.Johannes Nixdorf€64.00
4.William Hay€51.00
5.Miëtek Bak€50.00
6.Dan Doel€43.00
7.Andres Löh€42.00
8.Alex Lang€40.00
9.Cale Gibbard€35.00
10.Edward Kmett€35.00

Statistics based on 1026 purchases, alternative payment methods excluded

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